Date Title  Author
October 2018

The Russian Federal Tax Service further tightens the Beneficial Owner Requirements -  How that affects Cyprus? EN

Elena Chrysostomou
Manager, Tax Advisory Services
September 2018


Outsourcing Payroll EN

Andreas Charalambous
Assistant Manager - Business Services
September 2018

Audit comes clean EN

Christina Iacovou, Assistant Manager, Audit and Assurance services
 September2018 Professional skepticism: The Heart of Audit EN Mikaella Pattichi Senior, Audit and Assurance Services
September 2018

ICO: From a Tax Perspective EN

Savvas M. Klitou Assistant Manager, Tax Advisory Services & Regional Coordinator

August 2018 Millennials in the audit firms EN

Constantinos Theodosiou Senior Manager, Audit and Assurance Services

July 2018

Blockchain from an auditor’s view EN

Moisis Aristidou Director Audit and Assurance Services 
July 2018

Global Accounting and Reporting Services EN    

July 2018

Payroll Services - A today’s convenience EN

July 2018

The Importance of Internal Audit EN - GR

June 2018

Immigration Investment Service EN

June 2018

The Importance of Internal Audit EN - GR

April 2018 General Data Protection Regulation GDPR EN -GR

Aristotelis Kleitou
Head Data Protection Officer

March 2018

 Lunch with the CEO EN
Gold Magazine - March 2018


Date Title  Author
24 September 2017  Amendments to the Assessment and Collection of Taxes Law EN GR

 Marios Psyllou

03 September

Cypriot tax resident individual-by staying in Cyprus 60 days during the year EN GR

Elena Chrysostomou

28 June

VAT Charge on the Sale of Land EN GR

Panayiotis Ptochopoulos

21 June

Τροποποιητικό Νομοσχέδιο GR

Andreas Charalambous

9 March

What is Examinership? EN

Andreas Panayiotou 
Christos Papaxanthos 

5 February

Strong International Presence EN Cyprus Weekly

26 January

Strong International Presence GR Phileleftheros


Date Title Author
31 December 2016

Interview with Mr Marios Klitou and Mrs Krassimira Radeva BG - EN

Manager Magazine in Bulgaria 
25 December 2016

Year Ahead Promises Further Economic Health EN - GR

Cyprus Weekly & Phileleftheros
1 December 2016

Selfmade Success Stories - Interview with Mr Marios Klitou EN

In Business
30 November 2016

Interview with Mr Geoff Barnes 'Slowing Down but still moving forward' EN

Gold Magazine
22 November 2016

Γιώργος Χριστοδουλίδης:'Ενας άνθρωπος για τον άνθρωπο - GR

15 November 2016

Benvenidos Espana_Interview with Marios Klitou President of the Cyprus-Spain Business Association EN

Capital Today

21 July 2016

The Importance of Substance by Constantinos Katchamis  EN 

Gold Magazine

29 June 2016

Baker Tilly in South East Europe : Strong International Presence EN

Gold Magazine

29 June 2016

Impementing a vision: Marios Klitou EN 

Gold Magazine 

7 May 2016

Interview of Mr Marios A. Klitou GR

Phileleftheros Newspaper 

21 February 2016

Providing a full spectrum of services to clients of all sizes across all industries - EN - GR

Phileleftheros Newspaper Supplement 

25 January 2016

My Way: Marios Klitou - EN

Gold News



Date Title Author
04 Novemeber 2015 Cyprus Banking Sector - The Road to Recovery (Gold News) - EN

Christos Papaxanthos Associate Consultant

03 November 2015 IFRS 15: Revenue from Contracts with Customers (Accountancy Magazine) - EN

Moisis Aristidou - Senior Manager

26 October 2015

Is your business bullet-proof? The need for internal audit - EN

Christos Papaxanthos Associate Consultant

03 July 2015

Cyprus: Considerations over New EU Accounting Directive  - EN 

Natasa Pilides

31 January 2015

3 minutes with Marios Klitou - Interview -   
InBusiness - GREEK - pdf

Watch the video here

Marios A. Klitou - CEO



Date Title Author
November 2014

Energy Updates
(Accountancy Magazine) - EN

Alexandros A. Anastasiou

September 2014

What is the Shareholder - Manager problem
(Accountancy Magazine) - EN

Alexandros A. Anastasiou

The new era for the  limited company in Cyprus (Accountancy Magazine) - EN

Stavros Kyriakides

27 May 2014 Regaining trust is the key to recovery (Gold News) - Interview - EN Marios A. Kitou - CEO
2 February 2014 Cyprus is not an offshore destination (Cyprus Weekly) - Interview - GR Marios A. Kitou - CEO
February 2014 The future of the audit profession in Cyprus (Gold Magazine) - Interview - EN  Panicos Charalambous
- Senior Director
February 2014 Cyprus to clear its name (In Business magazine)
- Interview - GR
Marios A. Kitou - CEO
January 2014 Cyprus can remain a business centre (2014 Challenges - a selective edition by Phileleftheros) - Interview - GR Marios A. Klitou - CEO




Date Title Author
December 2013 Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) (Accountancy Cyprus) - EN Moisis Aristidou - Manager - Audit Services
Your Taxes: Cyprus for tech companies - EN Chris Theodorou - Manager - Tax Services
January 2013 Cyprus - The future is still very bright (The World in 2013 - The Economist) - GR Marios A. Klitou - CEO





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