Management Services

Our Management Services offer a wide range of services to both locals and expatriates, residents or not, who wish to invest or relocate in Cyprus and/or Greece.  

Our service range includes an A-Z high quality service approach in administrative matters such as obtaining citizenship or residency permits, visa, as well as buying or renting immovable property in Cyprus and/or Greece.

Our services

  • Intermediary services for acquiring immovable property in Cyprus or Greece.
  • Intermediary services for acquiring citizenship and/or residency permit in Cyprus and Greece
  • Advising on the application process. 
  • Answering possible queries that may arise. 
  • Drafting of the required application documents. 
  • Submitting on your behalf the application to the Cypriot or Greek authorities. 
  • Monitoring the status of the application’s review by the Cypriot or Greek authorities. 
  • Acting as your liaison with the Cypriot or Greek authorities during the examination/review of the application. 

Our Management Services division with its experience and professionalism guarantees high quality and exceptional services to all its clients.

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 Stelios Gregoriou
 Senior Director                  Audit and Assurance            Tax Consulting

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